Fewer Calories Increase Stress

With the holidays coming up, many people tend to put their fitness goals on hold and embrace the inevitable extra pounds. I mean, hey, that's why the holidays are lined up that way, right? New Years comes right the immense amount of holiday food so that all the fitness resolutions can begin. But before you start to … Continue reading Fewer Calories Increase Stress

Start Your Morning With THIS Cleansing Breakfast Combo

A clean gut is a happy one. However, millions of Americans still suffer from digestive health and turn to drugs for help. Why is digestive health so important? Basically, it has to do with what nutrients are absorbed and what toxins are booted out. What's the point of drinking up that seven dollar antioxidant fused, all-natural cleansing drink if your … Continue reading Start Your Morning With THIS Cleansing Breakfast Combo

A Clean Diet or Eating Disorder?

  It's hard to skim through any means of social media today without coming across fitspo, or images and words posted with the purpose of inspiring people to live a fit, active life. With the intention behind fitspo being to motivate and inspire others, many people have hopped on the green smoothie bandwagon and adopted the cleaning eating lifestyle. … Continue reading A Clean Diet or Eating Disorder?